Imports not loading

I have configured my .csv file as directed and every time I import it is only capturing approx. 20 (sometimes only 1) contact. I have no empty fields, every field is mapped, yet out of almost 400 contacts I end up with 20. Any help will be greatly appreciated.




  • Hi Gail,

    Thanks for contacting us.

    When importing, what option are you selecting as the "import action"?

    • Add new records
    • Update existing records
    • Add new records and update existing records

    Please advise

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  • I am adding new records.

    This brings up a second question, apparently some of these were duplicates (I inherited this list), but if I choose the "add new and update existing" option, how do  I do that if I don't have the record ID? 

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  • Hello Gail,


    Do you still have access to the Insightly Account for which these Records came from?

    If you do we currently make updates to existing records based on Record ID number. With that in mind, to update your records and receive the Record ID number we recommend:

    1. First, Export the records you'd like to update
    2. Edit the file to change the records
    3. Import the file and choose the "update records" option


    Hope that helps. If you have further questions please let me know!

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