Address Mapping from leads to contacts & organizations

I have noticed that some of my leads, after converting them to opportunities, have not appended the address to the contact or organization. This is happening in roughly 50% of my leads (all which have addresses).

Is anyone else experiencing this glitch? 



  • Hi Austin,

    I see that you're a paid user, and will be opening a ticket for us to work within since we'll be working with account information.

    Please be on the lookout for an email! :)

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  • This is happing to me too. I have spent months trying to understand why it doesn't happen every time or hoe I can re-create the problem every time so I can help Insightly troubleshoot the issue. 

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  • Hello Mark,

    I understand this issue is intermittent. 

    If you happen to come across this issue when you are working within Insightly please take screenshots of the records and highlight the issue. This will be the biggest help for us to help troubleshoot. 


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