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I have problems with the mail because sending an email through CRM does not reach the final recipient



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  • Hello,

    Thanks for reaching out to let us know your emails aren't being received by the recipient.

    When sending e-mails from any other provider, the actions are limited on the sender's side to guarantee outbound messages will be delivered. There are factors other than just having the correct email address, such as email server response time, spam filters, queue times, etc. that can affect delivery.

    Emails sent from Insightly will be sent from the email address you use to log into Insightly, but with an Insightly signing domain (“From via”).

    Please note: this may increase the chances of your messages going to a recipient’s spam folder as this is a bit of a mask of your name.

    On the recipient's side, the best thing to do is to add our domain names ( and to your approved sender's list (whitelist). This process varies with individual email programs. If you use Gmail, this article might help.

    I hope this helps! 

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