Delay / lag time /latency between entering an organization and Search results.

Hello, Alejandro. thanks for your reply. Since I don't see a "send" button when i reply back, I'm editing my own comment:

This is what a user reported yesterday (6/7/18) after seeing your comment:

"The entries I made today were fine.  The link between the Org and Contacts from yesterday STILL was not coming up before."



Hi Team,

There is a lag time/latency time between entering an organization and then having it “register” so that it comes up on a search and, more importantly, so that you can link it when adding contacts.

Doesn’t happen all the time – but annoying.

Is this something you are aware of?

Thank you!




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  • Hello Metcomm,

    Our Engineers actually provided a fix for this yesterday. Are you still experiencing this issue?

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