Reset Password - Never Received Reset Link

Dear Support Team,

I have been given access on the company level to use Insightly for managing sales day to day funnel and issues in Claratti. Our company account is under and my username is xxxxxxxxxx. 

I have tried to rest my password a number of times but, the email for password reset never reaches my mail box. We tried deleting and recreating my account but the new invite for my user never reaches to my mailbox.

Is there any way we could look in to this and help me fix it?





  • Hello Brandon,

    I went ahead and updated your post to not include your email for privacy reasons! 

    I'll be proceeding now with creating a ticket for us to better communicate and provide some helpful information. Keep an eye out for my email today.

    Thanks for your time and patience! 

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  • Hi, I am trying to reset my password and am also not receiving a link in my inbox. I get emails from Insightly for other things, but just not for this. I have checked my junk mail folder and I get a daily report for emails that are being blocked by our filter, and it hasn't appeared there either. Can you please help me reset my password to log in to insightly?

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  • Hello Caleb,

    Sorry to hear you are having this issue. I just sent you an email to reset your password can you confirm you received it? If you didn't it's possible that the password reset email may be getting blocked, filtered, or categorized as spam.

    Here are a few things you can try to allow the email into your inbox:

    1. Check your spam folder. If the message is there, you can usually mark it as "not spam," which will help new messages to get to your inbox.

    2. Add Insightly to your contacts list, as most email programs will allow messages from your contacts to pass through any filters. This is usually the best fix. For most email types, add "Insightly Notifications" as the contact with the email address of For Business Card Scans, add "Insightly Business Cards" as the contact with the e-mail address of

    3. Add our domain names ( and to your approved senders list (whitelist). This process varies with individual email programs, but if you use Gmail, here's a link to the instructions for managing senders lists.

    If you try the suggestions above, resend the message, and it still doesn't come through, I'd suggest checking in with your email provider and network administrator, as the message is likely being blocked at a higher level. Your email provider will be able to find where the message is being routed and help get you on the right track.

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