Exports Not Sending

I've tried multiple times to export our lists and nothing is received in the inbox they are supposed to be sent to.


I've worked with our IT to ensure that (or whatever the address is) is on our white list and nothing is being blocked and still I do not receive the export.


Please advise



  • Hello  Daniel,

    I apologize for experiencing that issue!

    Let's see if I can help resolve this for you. Here are a few things that may help these e-mails arrive in your inbox:

    1. Check your spam folder. If the messages are there, you can usually mark them as "not spam", which will help future messages to go directly to your inbox.
    2. Try adding the e-mail "" as a contact in your email program’s contacts list. Most email programs will allow messages from your contacts to pass through any filters. In my experience, this is usually the most reliable fix.
    3. Check to be sure that these e-mails are not being quarantined by your e-mail host. You may need to reach out to your e-mail provider to check this.
    4. In our new version of Insightly, we provide your export links in your "recent notifications" or the bell icon that you see in the upper right-hand corner. This way, if you don't receive an email, you still have an option to download your export file.

      Any admin can switch to the new view layout by going to System Settings > Switch your team to the new Insightly User Experience. From there tick off the box and save your settings. You'll be logged out and prompted to log in to our new login page.

    Note: once you switch to The New Insightly CRM, you will not be able to switch back.

    Hope that helps! 

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  • Thanks Alejandro, but the issue is actually with Insightly not sending anything  to this inbox. What I mean is, this is the main email for our account and we didn't even receive an invoice for renewal. I also tried doing a password reset on the support site so I could post my question as the main account holder but the password reset notification was never received.

    The last thing received from Insightly to this email was January 2017. 

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone from your team could connect with me directly.

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  • Honestly I'm greatly disappointed with Insightly's customer service.


    It's ridiculous that I cannot get in contact with anyone directly. 


    Please contact me via the email connected to this profile.

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  • And still nothing from Insightly customer service, do they not care about customer retention or something?


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  • Hello Danie,

    I greatly apologize for the delay in my response!

    What I like to do for you is create a ticket for us to help better communicate regarding this issue. Please keep an eye out for an email from me today. 

    Thank you for your patience! 

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