Help! Phantom notes are making me hit my max!

I've just had an "ah ha" moment when I ran across a report for "notes" and realized it was absolutely STUFFED FULL of notes I could not see from anywhere else. Everytime a pipeline stage changed a timestamped note was created. Sheesh, I really could have used that information, by the way, we've been WANTING history of when stage changed happened. 


So it was good in a way to discover that a note report could make them become visible. On the other hand, I just realized that I have filled up my data quota with useless notes saying things like "Project status changed to 'In Progress'" for hundreds of projects each year. I have thousands and thousands of these sorts of notes on closed projects that I don't need anymore. My projects have over a dozen stages and I run hundreds of projects each year.

How can I clean out these notes? They appear to stay even after the project is deleted. But for projects that are NOT deleted, I can't see them in the related or activity sections. I can't see any way to select them for deletion, either. Is this something I can ask you to do? Basically, I'd grant you permission to delete every single "Project Status Change to 'In Progress'" in my entire data file, freeing up a few thousand records.


Or is this just a stealthy way to make us upgrade to a higher pricepoint? I'm already paying for three licenses when we have two users. Also, I'm still irritated every day by the slash of garish orange polluting my desktop, which I find makes me grumpy. (As a business owner here's a tip: you probably don't want your customers feeling irritated every time they notice you. Can we please get our own color schemes back soon?)


But for the moment, how do I clear out these thousands of pipeline stage notes in bulk?



  • Any news on this? I have 100 items left, and am busy operating my pipelines today. Find my account under xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Insightly will become unusable to me today if I don't get this fixed. Any one? Help?

  • Hello Wendy,

    I apologize for the delay in our response! 

    Since "Notes" count as File Storage it's not currently possible to delete files in bulk at this time. If you like to delete these Notes here is how you find them and delete them one at a time:

    1. Go to the Home tab, click Activity Type, and select Files.
    2. Click the file title to access the record containing the file. This will take you to the record's Related subtab.
    3. Click the three-dot menu next to the filename and select Delete This File.

    Hope that helps. Let me know if you have further questions! 

  • Hi Alejandro,

    I have 5000 notes related to projects changing from one status to the next over the years. The method you suggested does not allow me to filter by name or by year, and each time I delete a single note it takes three clicks.


    These pipeline stage notes are using 20% of my space. (I've previously spent hours cleaning out my data in the past, but as I continue to use Insightly for tracking tax returns through their stages, it continues to accrue hundreds of changes a day. I can't bear this. Upgrading to a larger number of records would simply kick this can down the road. I'm working by myself here, I don't have a scut worker to spend time deleting phantom records one by one.


    Can you please add a function to mass-delete notes they we select through a filter? Please?

  • Hello Wendy,

    After speaking with my Senior Tech Team they informed that this does seem to be an issue. I'll create a ticket for this to further help troubleshoot. 

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