Upgrade 700%

We reached our storage limit and got a recommended upgrade offer of 700% ! I looks kind of a lockin, joining early for $ 7 per month per user and then tot $ 49 without an option to use the CRM anymore. 




  • Had the same exact issue. And the problem is compounded by the fact that it's very difficult to prune the data so it will continue to grow indefinitely (and the cost as well). I was hoping that GDPR would force Insightly to allow us to download all our data (including attached documents) but they managed to avoid providing such a feature. 

  • This is an insane upgrade offer and I think they should make an option to export all. I guess they will be checked by GDPR soon and might be forced to offer this solution as I think they are not GDPR compliant without it (they basically can not deliver all data given to them)

  • I'm up against the same issue. I just discovered a "Notes" report that is jammed full of thousands of data records related to stage changes - basically, a note was created when I moved a pipeline project along. For all my pipelines for all my projects for the past several years. There's no way to delete these 20,000 notes en masse, I'll have to go through and delete each one (with several clicks to do so) to prune my data.

    I've also discovered that tags don't export, and neither do links. Basically, Insightly is a lobster trap. I've been using CRMs for twenty years and I should know better by now: make sure you know how you'd get your data out if you had to leave. They could shut down, if nothing else.

  • I think they legally should give ALL your data back if you would want to leave the CRM. The case here is that if you would have known when you signup for Insightly that they would NOT be able to give ALL your data back you put into it you would never start using Insightly in the first place and thrust them with all your data.

    I am not a lawyer but I bet in court this would not hold up for Insightly. This looks a serious lockin, I would never trust them with our data if I would have known this. They should had an OPT in like this very clearly

    “ When you use Insightly you agree that we do not provide any option to Export all your data back to you. Even in a case you want to leave our dbase we can not provide you with all the data you entered insightly “.

    I save their privacy and TOU for our records but this case is not over.

  • I agree that it would be great to export every connection, file, and link but in working with many CRMs I have not found one that will allow you to export things like emails and import them again as emails into another system. 

    I would like to see an option to mass delete files and notes in Insightly. There is another post on that matter here that we could all vote up. 

    You may also find this post interesting on the new GDPR updates. 

  • Hello Erin,

    Thanks for the feedback and great communication regarding the post everyone can upvote! 

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