not receiving activity report shows as queued but never received


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    The first 2000 of 25795 records are displayed below. Export your Saved report data (under the Actions menu) for a complete view of all records.


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  • Hello John,

    I apologize for experiencing this!

    Here are a few things that may help the import e-mail arrive in your inbox:

    1. Check your spam folder. If the messages are there, you can usually mark them as "not spam", which will help future messages to go directly to your inbox.
    2. Try adding the e-mail "" as a contact in your email program’s contacts list. Most email programs will allow messages from your contacts to pass through any filters. In my experience, this is usually the most reliable fix.
    3. Add our domain name ( and to your approved sender's list (whitelist). This process is a bit different for each email program.
    4. Check to be sure that these e-mails are not being quarantined by your e-mail host. You may need to reach out to your e-mail provider to check this.

    Also in our new version of Insightly, we provide your export links in your "recent notifications" or the bell icon that you see in the upper right-hand corner. This way, if you don't receive an email, you still have an option to download your export file.

    Hope that helps! 

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