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Insightly Calendar

I've spent 18 months trying to figure out how to make Insightly work for my small business clients across the country & the calendar issue is really a long-standing frustration, unless something changed that I have not seen.

It's the issue of not being able to schedule events for other users on their calendar.  I figured out a work around by setting protocols in the Public viewing but there are all sorts of other shortfalls this programming void creates.

I know this has been a complaint of a huge number of Insightly users besides me. Are there any specific changes to address this issue.  All I've ever heard is how much you listen to your community.  But by the looks at how many of your community are also frustrated by this for such a long time, it seems like you really don't listen to your community.

If this problem has been solved without me seeing it, then my bad.  But please let me know what is up with this already established shortfall.





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