Google app not syncing

I'm not able to see any contacts or tasks on my phone. Works fine on my laptop...



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  • Hello Garett,

    I apologize for experiencing this issue!

    There are a few things to try if you find data isn't linking from our web app to the mobile app,

    1. Try to do a re-sync. To do so:

    • Log in to the mobile app
    • Select the menu icon (hamburger icon that looks like 3 horizontal lines in the upper-left hand corner
    • Select the Gear icon
    • Select "Sync Now"

    2. If that doesn't help, please try to LOG OUT completely and LOG IN again.

    3. Check the app store for app updates. The most current version for iOS is 3.22

    If you're still seeing that information is missing, please let me know!

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