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I've been using the  python API to extract data for a data quality check. However I've run into an issue in that I would like to use the offline caching mode (offline=True) to save the files locally as json, but the API doesn't seem to have been updated to enable this for version 2.3. The data returned is in the same format as v 2.2, ie the contactinfo fields are still nested rather than flat. Could you advise if this will be updated or alternatively how I might get a current snapshot in the new v2.3 format?




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  • Hi James,

    Unfortunately the python SDK only supports v2.2 of our API. Please note that this SDK is maintained by the community and we don't offer any further support for it. I understand that this might be confusing because it is hosted on our company's Github account, but that was just done by one of our former employees so people have an easier time finding it.

    One suggestion i would make is to fork the Python wrapper and change the URL to point to V2.3. Of course there will be other changes that need to made as well but you will end up with a wrapper that is adjusted to your needs and works with the new version.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.

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