PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us MORE of a matching field for importing than "CONTACT ID!!!" We are presented the drop down that defaults with the word "choose."  Alert... "Choose" means you have more than one to pick from. Only one "choice" is not even a choice. And you chose about the most useless field of them all to be forced to use. Read below.

Think it through... If you have a NEW list of even 100 people (perhaps a conference registration list) (mine are typically 400 or 500 at least), HOW WOULD YOU EVEN KNOW THEIR CONTACT IDS!!!????!!! Short of a) exporting everyone, comparing line by line, merging within excel (and if you don't know excel you're probably gonna fail). Or worse, b) just entering everything manually searching by name one at a time, There is no way of effectively use your the import feature. If you do you wind up with duplicates.


Just so you know...  if I had to clock how much productive time I spend using Insightly after an import vs cleaning up all the duplicates, I'd say productivity is less than 1%.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. This is NOT the first time I've contacted you on this and I'm surprised others aren't experiencing the same frustration.






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