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I used to have an icon on my Gmail that I could click to easily save incoming and outgoing emails to Insightly. This icon disappeared a few weeks ago. I've tried using all of the troubleshooting suggestions I could find through your help desk and nothing has worked. I'd greatly appreciate any help you could provide. Thanks!



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  •  Hello Melinda,

    I apologize for having to experience that issue. As per Google, Gmail Gadgets will be discontinued on August 1st, 2018. The Gadgets will soon be replaced with new Gmail Add-ons. Also due to Google's recent UI change, the Insightly Google sidebar now has limited capabilities. These limits are as follow:

    • Save and Link functionality is not supported on View
    • Save and Link functionality is not supported on Compose
    • Hover to display Contact does not work
    • Once locked into viewing a record, there is no way to get back to “hover or Home mode”

    This is affecting other users and other CRM's as well. Insightly is working on an alternate sidebar that will work with Google's new UI change. As a temporary workaround, you can use your Insightly mailbox address to save emails.

    Thanks for your understanding and patience! 

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