Multiple contacts with same email address

Is there any way to restrict users from creating new contacts with a different name but the same email address?

Also, why do these records not show up in the SmartMerge?

I noticed that Insightly checks for duplicates starting with First Name. This seems problematic given nicknames. We are having a lot of issues with duplicates being created because of differing first names and SmartMerge not picking them up.




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  • Hello Brendon,

    At this time Insightly does not offer a feature for restricting users from creating Contacts with a different name.

    • If you select the SmartMerge option on the sidebar next to the list view page this method finds exact name matches only.

    Since your Contacts have different names but same email address this option will not locate duplicate records with different names. A workaround for this is to select duplicate records for SmartMeging. 

    Here's a helpful article that explains more: Finding duplicate records with SmartMerge 

    Hope that helps. Thanks for your time and understanding! 

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