How to change the stage of pipeline once all the tasks are completed by workflow, Zapier and webhook

We need to automate the pipeline to once all the tasks of a stage are completed, then the pipeline to be changed automatically. I wonder if we could utilize the integration of Zappier, webhook, and workflow





  • Erin,

    would you please just come up with more detail or even some instruction of how to do this automation.

    Let say we have 3 tasks, A, B and C, all under the stage 1, I want to set up as once task "C" is done, the stage1,  to be changed to 2 automatically.

    As I follow other posts, it is kind of impossible with Insightly itself, unless we could somehow, utilize the webhook and zapier  too.



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  • Kambiz

    I looked at this and I cannot find a way to update a pipeline stage through the API. Without that, we can't get much done with webhooks or Zapier. Hopefully stage changes are part of a future api update. I'll inquire internally. I'm a Hero, not an employee, so future releases I am not privy to but I'll look into it regardless as I would LOVE this too.

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