Panda Do Integration

I have been using Panda Doc integrated with insightly for 2 years and am having problems. When I create a document I am linked to my Panda Doc account, I can choose the template I need but when I proceed by clicking "edit" I am not advanced to the next stage in processing and sending the document.

I have 1. cleared cache 2 uninstalled Panda Doc integration and reinstalled with no success.

Unable to take a screenshot because it's in the processing mode.




  • Hey Chris,

    Try another browser. Try in incognito. Try on a different computer. If still happening, then either insightly or PD are having an issue and you will need to start a support request with them.

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  • Chris, I am new to Panda.doc and Insightly and I'm trying to set up the merge into a service order I created in panda.doc, but when I open it in Insightly, it opens fine but does not Auto populate/merge the data into my service order.  I used the tool write up they give you and even copy/paste the fields from the document and it still isn't working.  What could I have done wrong?

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  • Hello George,

    Can you verify which Tokens you are using in your doc within PandaDoc? Here are two helpful articles that can help with Tokens:

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