Linking Leads to Organisations and Contacts

We work with large Client organisations and a Client can have many Leads and existing Contacts.

We need the ability to track Leads against existing Organisations.

We also want to avoid creating duplicate Organisations every time a Lead is converted. Because the Organisation field in the Lead record is not validated and you can enter the name in a number of different ways.

I am aware of this post, which has been tagged as Implemented. But this does not do what we need.

Is there anything we can do to set this up? As it is, I am unable to explain to my users a good reason why the Organisation field in the Lead record is not the "Organisation" object. I cannot even rename this field to reduce confusion.

We also need the ability to link a Contact automatically to the original Lead record. Is this possible? Can I easily see the Lead "ancestor" for a Contact? 



  • Martin

    The organization is not actually created until the lead is converted. It's merely a holding field until that process occurs. I would bet you should be using Opportunities instead of leads. Have you tried this?

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  • Hello Eric

    To be clear, we deal with global organisations where, for example, the UK teams will be completely different to the US teams. They often do not talk to each other at all. We are talking about 10,000+ employee companies. Each company may in effect be many different business development challenges.

    So, we currently have a mixture of Leads, Opportunities, Projects and Contacts concurrently in the same Organisation.

    But what is the recommended approach here?

    Is it that in *any* situation where we already have Contacts within an Organisation, Insightly expects to jump straight to Opportunities?

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  • Not sure to be honest but leads do appear to be pre-contacts and opportunities are for leads and contacts, so it may or may not be ideal for you. I’d have to look closer.

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  • I understand completely what Martin is saying. It has nothing to do with opportunities. We work on multiple levels within an organization. The top level where the lead is effectively the organization means that yes, potentially this new organization does not exist in the system. But then we also provide services to individuals within an organization i.e. one organization could be the source that generates multiple leads at various times.

    Use Case: Peter from ACME is an existing customer and active project. I get a call from Mary, also from ACME indicating that she might be interested in a product. Thus she becomes a new lead but the organization she works for is the same as one of our existing customers, Peter. So when capturing Mary as a new lead I want to link her to that existing organization. Because of a special offer, I get 25 more calls from people working at ACME. They are captured by different consultants and the organization they are 'linked' to are all variant of the name ACME i.e. Acme ltd., ACME Inc, ACME, ACME Corp, Acme Corporation ect. leaving somebody with a lot of cleaning up to do when these leads are converted to opportunities.

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