Mailchimp Integration

Hey Guys,


Does anyone here use the Mailchimp integration? Just wondering how this works, and specifically inquiring about contact syncing across both platforms,


Can the integration automatically sort contacts form Insightly into Mailchimp segments within a list? 


Many thanks, 





  • Hi Tim

    Segments are a funny thing. They are actually being replaced or perhaps better said "updated" by the new Tags. Segments will still exist, but their purpose is more for the end user to select aka why they were once called "interest groups."

    As far as insightly goes, it does not directly sort or add or replace into segments or tags. The Segments can be easily added via a Zapier step and I spoke with Zapier last week and they are working on implementing the update to offer Tags too. It works really well.

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  • Hi Tim,

    Eric is spot on. Another option is to have PieSync  manage your 2 way sync. They do have the new tags implemented with Mailchimp and can run off Insighlty tags or custom fields for segmentation. I like PieSync because it does a a fantastic job with 2 way sync and will update all platforms with the most up to date information. 

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