Lots of annoying little glitches

Does anyone else have seemingly random, minor, yet annoying on-going glitches with Insightly? We come across glitches with the system all day long, and while they are usually pretty minor and we can figure out a work-around, these on-going nuisances are starting to bog down our workflow and are becomingly increasingly frustrating as we increase our work flow.

Here are some examples of glitches that our team frequently has to deal with:

1. Marking a task complete within a Project doesn't always immediately move it to the completed tasks section. We almost always have to refresh the page before it shows up as complete, and sometimes even wait several minutes before it shows as complete.

2. Sometimes after adding notes, comments, or creating new records, it takes several hours before they actually show up.

3. Sometimes after editing a record, we're redirected to a completely random and unrelated page

4. Sometimes after clicking the master edit button for a record, the "Save" button is greyed out and wont let us click Save.

5. After adding a note to a record, we're redirected to the "Details" page

6. After deleting a task within a project, we're redirected to the master Task page instead of staying in the project

7. The related record for a new task assigned to somebody may or may not show up in the email notification that gets sent to the person it was assigned

8. When typing a date into a date field and pressing enter, Insightly chooses a different calendar date than the one we typed. The format you have to type the date in is different than the format the date displays after you hit save.

9. The phone app doesn't always show all of the records that exist. You can search for a record and it may or may not show up.



  • Yes! Thank you! I thought I was crazy!

    Having to re-create them is impossible too.  Can we please put these on the todo list for the next update?

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  • In addition,

    You can't rename a picture when attaching to insightly profile in mobile app.. you CAN rename when attaching a pic on the website. Perfect if i dump the phone and revert to using a digital camera.. then find the time later in the day to upload pics on a desktop.

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