Integration with Pandadoc

We have an interesting scanario where Pandadoc integration is working for one Opportunity but not for others.

The Opportunity has a linked Organization with both a Shipping Address and Billing Address.

We are able to create a new Pandadoc from one of the Opportunities - i.e. the following tokens are populated:

  • [Organization.Name]
  • [Organization.BillingStreet]
  • [Organization.BillingCity]
  • [Organization.BillingState]
  • [Organization.BillingZipCode]

For another Opportunity, only the [Organization.Name] token is populated and rest of the tokens are blank.

Both Opportunities have a related Primary Organization (we can see this in the details column on the Related tab of the Opportunity.

We would love to know what the difference is that populates the tokens for one Opportunity and not another.



  • Hey John

    I have never tried to use fields from a linked org within an opp. I'm surprised it worked the first time. :) But that makes me think deeper and I wonder if all your Opps and Orgs are linked the same way? insightly has the default link and the linked. I'm not sure why, I'm guessing to support legacy. But check that they are both linked the same way. Maybe this will shed some light on the problem.

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  • I agree with Eric, Insightly check the related tab in both opportunities and ensure that the organization is connected there. There is a way to show a relationship without linking in Insightly and you will want to make sure that they are actually linked. 

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  • Hello John,

    From Insightly's PandaDoc support article, you should be able to do what you are requesting...

    To troubleshoot this issue, try the following:

    1. Create an opportunity from the Actions Tab using a converted Lead or Contact (make sure the primary organization is linked)
    2. Double check your Organization's field values and tokens are 100% correct and matching
    3. Duplicate the template and try again

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp

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  • Thanks guys. We'll follow up based on your suggestions and provide feedback.

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