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From my understanding, Insightly, works on user improvement request based on a voting system. I've seen similar if not identical improvement requests from users that are under separate request strings. Does Insightly consolidate those similar user improvement request when considering which request to work on?

For example. If you type "Opportunity Notes Reports" in the search box, you'll get multiple requests that are nearly similar if not identical. This request goes back years and over those years other strings with similar requests have been made.

If Insightly does not take those similar requests and consolidates them in their voting system but continues to only focuses on requests that have the highest vote, I would highly suggest that Insightly changes the way they consider which request to work.

Also, this method makes it difficult to find which improvement request to vote on. I've been waiting for over a year to get an update on creating a report that shows the contact/lead/opportunity/project and the notes and activities linked to it.

Please advise.




  • Hi Oscar,

    You're absolutely right. Customer feedback has driven many of the changes and improvements to our products over the years and the votes help us determine which ones to monitor closely. But that is only 1 part of the puzzle. Our Product and Engineering teams also look at all the ideas and suggestions based on alignment with our product strategy and roadmap, the number of customers to benefit, and cost and time to develop it. All those things together are considered before we work on feature requests.

    We also try to consolidate duplicate/similar requests and add all the votes together to get a better understanding of the volume of our customers that are requesting a certain feature.

    Hope this answers your questions.

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  • Hi Dennis - I'm not sure how this works in detail, but I think there could be some significant improvements in the validation of community feedback. For example, I think when you identify similar threads on the 'ideas & suggestions' you should physically merge these and elevate them to the top of the list temporarily. In addition, you should make the community  aware of the most active and /or most recently 'merged' ideas and suggestions. At the moment, I have to scroll through the whole list to see what is relevant. I think you would have a much better read on your users wishes if these were communicated better.

    Also, what are the best features that your competitors have which ones do there communities love? I sure you do this, but if not, this should be used as validation of community requests. While overall Insightly' does the job' it is not a simple user interface and I have come across many missing features that seem to be a 'no brainer', mostly with regard to the graphical user interface.

    It took me long time to get my data into Insightly from Pipedrive (I now really miss integrated/automated email to project matching, pipeline stage value based on probability, one click task completion in project view) and so am loath to move it out so quickly, but if feel like the small things are negatively affecting my experience of what is otherwise a good product, to the point where I am looking around for an alternative....again.

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