Top Q&A from Q3 '18 Product Release Webinar

Thanks to everyone that attended our webinar! For those who missed it, you can watch the recording here.

Here are the top questions asked during the webinar.

When will Custom Objects and Custom Apps be generally available? They are rolling out on our next product launch on Thursday, September 20th.
Will Custom Objects and Custom Apps be available to any plans other than Pro and Enterprise? Custom Objects on both Pro and Enterprise plans while Customer Apps are only available on Enterprise.
Can I link my custom object data with the Insightly data? Yes, you can use a custom field called lookup related field to link data.
Will custom objects be available on the mobile app? Yes, on both iOS and Android!
Will custom apps be configurable on the mobile app? Yes. on both iOs and Android!
When will Insightly Voice be available, outside North America? Insightly Voice is only available in US and Canada at launch with more regions to come.
possible to show the history of contact for each call, action taken? Yes, there is a call history
Can we record calls from other VOIP services such as Salesloft and Outreach within accounts? Yes, calls are recorded.
Are Custom Objects available to Professional Plan users? Yes!
Can I track expenses per project? Yes, you can do that with custom objects.
Will custom apps show on dashboard? Yes, it will!
Can the built-in objects be incorporated into the workflows? - custom milestones Yes, we will have that.
Hi; the quotation aspect: will this be user configurable - for example using my logo and with VAT for the UK etc? Yes, that is the plan.
Will the new telephony system allows for full phone trees, office hours, departmental mailboxes, reporting, round-robin queues, etc?

Or is it simply integrated click-to-dial?
We do have a round robin feature. And you can set up different numbers for different departments. In regards to reporting, calls are considered an activity and you'll be able to see the calls in an activity report. We don't have a full phone tree or office hours at this time. For office hours you would just have your agents log out at a given time for now
Is it possible to integrate chat into Insightly? Yes, you can use Zapier to plug an external chat tool like LiveChat
Can we add custom sections to our forms? Yes. You can add a custom field and add it to the web to lead or contact form.
With the addition of Insightly Voice, will Insightly still consider further integrations with other VoIP providers like Jive? Not currently slated
Will the new features auto rollout to existing customers? Yes, it will!
Presumably, to access all these great new features I need to upgrade to one of the paid for plans?! Yes, that is correct.
If we are an existing user and need training on these new features who do we reach out to? We have success plans so you can set up 1:1 training. Let us know if you're interested to learn more!



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