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View tasks that are related to milestones at a glance!

Users will now be able to see Tasks that are associated with Milestones from their Project records in the Milestones tab.

We have been reading your feedback on the Ideas & Suggestions page and we want you to know that we've been listening. Thank you to everyone in our community for helping us improve Insightly for everyone!


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    Thank you Kourtney, I was so pleased to hear this on the new launch. I’m now trialing this in a new login so we can decide if we can finally move across to the new Insightly experience. Thanks for acknowledging our feedback. 


    One thing i did note however is that the ability to use the “one click complete box” on tasks in the milestone view is still not there. It’s been added to the task page, but it’s still multiple clicks on the milestone page. Can this please be added?



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    I infer that this view is not accessible for projects that are put into a pipeline?

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    That's correct, Joe.

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