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I cannot get my email integrated with Insightly. We use Exchange 2013 Hosted and I have attempted logging in with my Exchange and configuring an SMTP and neither work. 



  • Hi Russell,

    Sorry to hear you're having trouble integrating your email. Are you receiving any type of error messages when you attempt the integration? If so, would you please take a screenshot and post it here?

    I would also like to direct you to this article, it might be helpful:

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  • Hi Kourtney,

    We are getting a 'incorrect' password when logging into the 'Other' tab. 

    The SMTP address and port are good. As well the credentials are good.

    Do you have direct instructions for linking Insightly to Exchange 2013?



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  • Hello Russell,

    The steps should be the same for Exchange 2013. If your account does not appear immediately or you see an error message, check your email inbox. Some email applications, like, will send you an email asking you to sign in and confirm the connection. You can then return to Insightly and choose the email provider again, which will complete the verification.

    I also suggest if the error is "incorrect password" to verify the password is correct by logging into your email or resetting it. 

    Hope that helps. 

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