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So I am a relatively new user and as I read and catch on threads often 2-3 years old, I am seeing a trend with the Product Roadmap: ideas and user-generated product suggestions are being ignored. They make kake years to fill- with some sitting as "planned" for 3+ years (hello tasks!)

When I saw a recent comment about "next release" I wondered how imminent a new release will be. It could solve a bunch of issues and advance the roadmap. Perhaps you could illumine us.

So that got me curious. I see that Insightly is currently hiring for a Senior Product Manager, who would manage this pipeline. I went over to Linkedin to check out the UX and Product team. and I got to page 12 of the Linkedin insightly results - reams of sales, customer success etc people, and just a couple of results for product (Jesse at Mobile, and Grace - who manages dashboards & enterprise).  Also, of course, a dev team.

So this really got me thinking about the frustration I hear on the help pages - there really is no one listening. Atleast no-one who manages the product decisions, just people managing complaints/customer experience.

My company is wondering whether it's wise to make the long-term switch (we are transitioning off Salesforce). I'd like to hear from an executive on the product side with some real information about why things are so sideways and when the next release will be.




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    Hi Mavis,
    Thank you for joining Insightly. I wanted to address a few or your concerns starting with how our Community requests influence our Product Roadmap. Since the launch of our Insightly Community back in 2015, we have never put a limit on the number of feature requests our community members can post in Ideas & Suggestions. And that still holds true today. This is why you will find some feature requests that are 3 years old. We just simply can’t deliver on all requests. That said, customer feedback has driven many of the changes and improvements to our products over the years and the votes help us determine which ones to monitor closely. Just this year alone, we delivered on Dashboards, a new Admin layout, added new custom field types, page layouts, and custom objects. We also started delivering on what we’re calling Customer Love which focuses on UI improvements mostly from customer feedback. Your product suggestions and votes do matter.

    But that is only 1 part of the puzzle. Just like any tech company, our Product and Engineering teams also look at all the ideas and suggestions based on alignment with our product strategy and roadmap, the number of customers to benefit, and cost and time to develop it. All those things together are considered before we work on feature requests.

    As for the frequency of our Product releases. We have a major product release each quarter. The last product release for Q3 was delivered just last month and the next one will be in the next 3 months.

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