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I've just come back to insightly after a long term sabbatical and am enjoying working with it. I have the following scenario and need some advice. I have set up the following pipeline for goal identification using the activity sets

Task Start + 10d Brainstorm  
Task Start + 20d Evaluate  
Task Start + 30d Design Outline  
Task Start + 40d Marketing  
Task Start + 50d Final sign off

I have given an arbitrary time of 10 days for each activity and plan to use this activity set on various projects. When I set up a project and pick "goal identification" it creates the 5 tasks in the project and creates the tasks on the calendar on those due dates which is fine. However as I start each task I would like to create an event or possibly more than one event and then link it to the task so as to keep a historical record of the task as it progressed. The problem is I cant link the event(s) to the task. I've tried to give each event a unique number but when trying to add the event in the "add new link" field it does not recognise the event field!. Any advice on whether this is achievable would be most welcome. :-)



  • Hoping to get advice on the best way to clean up a big mess I made with attaching activity sets before I was ready to go on the first dates. NOw I have so many things I have to do because I wasn't ready to start them, I thought the best way was to go to a contact un-attach the activity set and reattach it hoping that maybe a possibility or maybe even a bulk edit that from what I read does not exist. I tried to go to the contact and un-attach the activity set and sadly it seems there is only a place to add and choose the activity set not remove it, or even see which activity sets are attached to each contact. So, I thought maybe if I went to my overdue tasks, I could bulk edit the date to say two weeks from now, and that works too but only for the overdue task, which if you change would place the tasks beyond the first one before the first one you changed. In other words, it doesn't move the rest of the dates in the activity set, it only moves the date for the individual task. I am so beside myself right now! 

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  • Hey Sam

    Personally, I don't use events. Beyond that, I would make the pipeline stages Brainstorm, Evaluate, Design Outline, Marketing and Final Sign Off and use activity sets and/or tasks to create the "historical record" you seek. That extra layer should solve your problem and work more naturally within the insightly design. Let me know if that works or makes sense. 

    Eric Greenspan

    Chief Clever Officer
    Disclaimer: I'm not an employee of insightly. I am a member of their Hero program, which means I'm a power user, consultant and a big fan. I use insightly for all my clients and my internal business management. I extend it to do more through the API. Again, I'm a big fan.

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  • Hello Sam, 

    Eric gave you a great recommendation for using pipelines instead of just a single activity set. If you do need tasks or events associated with the individual stages of your "goal identification" you can use milestones. Milestones take a bit more work to set up than a pipeline but they also offer the flexibility to work within multiple milestones at once and allow you to link a task or  event with a particular milestone. 

    Let me know if you need more help to get that started.

    - Erin Mathie

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