Tracking the amount of touchpoints it takes to get customers to travel down the sales funnel

I'm looking for a way to track how many touchpoints it's taking to get clients from prospect to qualify. 

Is there a way to track the "task related to" data? When I input a task it's nice because that data shows up. When I run a report, that data isn't included I can't see where they moved down the funnel or what caused them to make the jump. 






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  • Hello Randi,

    This feature is currently not available within Insightly. If you like to see an update to this feature in a future update to Insightly. I suggest posting a request to our Ideas & Suggestions page, which is monitored by our Product and Engineering teams. Your fellow Insightly users can vote and comment on the idea, too. In general, the more activity a request receives, the more likely it is to be considered for implementation.

    Thanks for the understanding! Please know that we love using ideas submitted by our customers to improve Insightly.

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