Date filter for custom reports


I have a basic question about filtering my reports by relative date.

I set up this report today.

Can you confirm that this report will run every day (as per the schedule), or any time I click on the "Run Report" option, and not just today 12/04/18.






  • Hi Andrea,

    Did you receive a confirmation message? You can also check to see if your new report is displayed in the Report Schedule and Alert area of your report details. This link is a good resource to show you how to schedule reports.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Hello, 

    Yes, your report looks like it will be running every week day. You can also run the report anytime you wish since the report has been saved. One thing to consider is your date filters. You will want to use relative dates such as "today" or "yesterday" if you have not already included those in your report to ensure you don't have to update the dates of the report each day. 

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  • Hi @Erin - 

    That was my exact concern/question 

    "to ensure you don't have to update the dates of the report each day."

    I *did* use the relative date "Today" but wasn't sure and couldn't tell if I would have to update each day because of

    DATE_CREATED_UTC between 04-Dec-18 and 05-Dec-18

    I didn't know if that saying that would be the only date it would run.

    (I realize I would find out / confirm tomorrow, but just wanted to ask if it at least looked like it was set up right.)

    Thanks again.

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  • Hi Melissa,

    Yes, thank you. I was pretty sure the report was scheduled correctly - it was more about figuring out that I had set the date up correctly so that it would actually run.

    Like I just said to Erin, I knew I'd find out tomorrow, but if anything stood out as an error I wanted to fix it now.

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