Customize your date and time formats! 📆⌚️

Users can now choose how their date and time will appear in Insightly! All of your records and reports can now be configured to the most common format of a specific region or customized based on your preferences.

Customizing your date and time formats will not affect the settings of other users in your account - everyone can choose what works best for them!



  • Awesome thank you, and it even defaulted based on my timezone! Good things are worth waiting for...

  • Not sure how many times I can say thank you!! This makes a world of difference and removes a world of hurt and pain!!

    Thank you so much. 

    I think Santa will come to the Insightly development team now (Mrs Clause might also come if you can fix up Milestones and Tasks in the new version of Insightly!!)

  • Congrats on this very useful update


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