Add a new contact when creating a new Opportunity

It would be very helpful to be able to add a contact or an organization when creating a new opportunity because we are often starting the process AT the opportunity stage and it's inefficient to have to go back and then add the contact. 

Ideally we should have the option to input a new "record" / object into Insightly in whichever way makes most sense in the moment or for how we work (Opportunity then Contact or even Project then Contact, etc.).

Or - have the ability for the field with the forms layout editor.

Thanks Insightly.



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    Hello Andrea,

    I'm happy to announce that this feature is now available!

    You can start creating a Contact first and add the new Organization at the same time now. It’s not just available for entering contact and organization data - it applies to all inline linked records for all forms in Insightly, including any custom objects and fields you have.

    You'll want to make sure you have created a Lookup Dropdown field first when wanting to use this feature. To learn more, read How to create a new record from the Lookup dropdown field.

    Thanks for your time and patience. Especially your feedback & votes. 

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  • Alejandro A I just saw this now, this is awesome. Thank you!

    I see the ability to create a new Organization from within a contact (I think you guys may have enabled that by default.)

    And I just created the ability to add a New Contact when creating an Organization.

    This is awesome.

    I am so excited at exploring all the possibilities but just want to make sure I understand it right:

    Would I be able to do New Opp / New Contact? New Project / New Contact? Etc.?

    (and just so I don't leave anything off the table of possibilities, when you say "it applies to all inline linked records for all forms in Insightly" - how can I easily tell which are all the inline linked records? (I'm sure if I dig through the settings I can figure it out but if you could give me a tip or two I'd appreciate it.)

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