Update the xero/insightly integratino thorugh API call

I'd like to link xero invoices with insightly opportunitties through API hits. does anyone know the endpoint or the schema that i can hit?






  • Hi Lawrence,

    Insightly has a direct integration with Xero that can be utilized for this. Is there a specific use case that would require an API integration beyond the standard integration?


    Yup sure is:

    I am using Zapier to auto generate invoices when a job in insightly is converted from 'Open' to 'Won'.

    This is much better than using the insightly-xero integration because when creating an invoice with that,the user has to enter a number of details. But all of this data is actually store in insightly already
    Using Zapier allows me to poll the insightly opportunity directly bits of data and create the invoices without any data entry from the user, eliminating potential for mistakes and also saving time.  BUT, so far I haven't figured out a way to have these automagically created invoices be associated with the insightly opportunity. The user still has to search for them in the insightly xero integration and the field by which they can search are limited.
    I figured it couldn't be too hard to just add one more step to my zap to update the link table on the insightly/xero integration but I can't see an endpoint for it in the API docs. 
  • Could the endpoint be:



    Any clues on GETs POSTS and PUTs?




  • Hi Lawrence,

    I don't believe there are endpoints available for Insightly's native integrations. 

    Thank you,


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