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Hey There! Going to describe this the best I can. Is there anyway to turn off the automatic timezone change on the events? 

My problem is that when I'm at my desktop I'd like to always put the time in EST so that my team know, for example that I'll be "meeting with X at 10am in California" and also so that when I check my phone to see when my meeting is it doesn't say 6:00am for a meeting at 9:00am 

I'd like it to just be streamlined so that it always says the same time no matter what time zone I'm in. 



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  • Hello Grace,

    You'll want to adjust the Time Zone in your User Settings > User Details. The Time Zone in Insightly will always reflect these settings. If your settings are different outside of Insightly, for example, your own calendar or device settings. This is why you would find a difference in time between your events.

    Insightly does not have an automatic time zone setting. 

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