Switching the primary organization between two organizations



It would be great if there could be the possibility to switch the primary organization between the different linked organizations of a contact.

In my daily activities, I have a lot of contacts, which are changing quite often their jobs.

In order to be efficient, I keep the link with the old company and title, I mark it with a special tag to know that the contact is no longer active in this position and then I link the contact to its new organization and title... Just here, I cannot switch the primary organization.

The only existing workaround is to suppress the old primary organization link, to create the new one and then to recreate the old one...

What about adding a third action in the contextual menu : Edit Link / Delete Link / Set Primary Organization ?





  • I thought it was previously possible to 'set primary organization' from the Related tab.

    It would be a really useful option, rather than having to delete details and then re-add them to the swapped related organizations.

    Please reinstate this Insightly!


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  • Is this possible yet? 

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  • The interface is very confusing now, too. There is a way to "edit primary organization", but it's really just takes a user to the primary organization record. You kind of expect this to enable a change of the primary organization. We have a lot of movement of contacts, too, and need to be able to re-assign the primary organization quickly and easily. And we need to be able to do that while preserving the link because we like to track current and former relationships. Pretty useful to know where a contact both is and has been. This is a common administrative requirement for us to manage. Please fix.

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