Zapier Opportunities With Activity Sets

I am trying to set up zapier to create opportunities from gmail with emails labeled "quotes".

However, I don't see the option to add the activity set to the opportunity. Currently, my sales team quotes via email and then manually creates the opportunity based of that email quote. I was hoping to automate the process a bit.

Any suggestions?



  • Hi Steve:

    Are you trying to configure a Zap? If so, the Zapier Support Team would best be able to assist with this.

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  • <rolls eyes @ Lyla> I'm trying to automate the process of activity sets and opportunities.

     I would certainly ask Zapier for their assistance if it was a direct support question (which mine was not).

    It was my understanding that this is a "discussions and best practices" forum. I was asking suggestions as to how people use it. Hence the "any suggestions". If you have suggestions other than "go to Zapier" on automating the process that would be great.

    Thanks anyway



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  • Hi Steve

    I'm both an Insightly Hero and a Zapier Certified Expert, which just means I use them both A LOT. When a Zap is not giving you what you want, then you can create a Zapier app or use Zapier's Webhooks in conjunction with Insightly Workflow Automation. The Webhooks can be either a trigger or an action step. The trigger is easier to use. The action step can be more challenging. You need to be handy with JSON and use a tool like Postman for testing and to get the job done.

    See if that helps and if not, I may be able to help you directly.

    Eric Greenspan
    Chief Clever Officer

    Disclaimer: While I'm not a direct employee of insightly, I am a member of their Hero program and recognized as a experienced power user. I'm also a big fan. I use insightly for all my clients and my internal business management. I extend it to do more through the API. Again, I'm a big fan. I'm also a Zapier Certified Expert.

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