Understanding how email works when on mobile device

I wonder if anyone can explain how best to make an email linkage to the CRM when using a Mobile device - that is in our case specifically an iPhone or an iPad.

I take it there is no plug-in or integration like there in in Outlook on the desktop?

When sending and responding to emails on a phone or tablet, our users nearly always use the built in client (from Apple) and imagine they would prefer to continue in this way. Increasingly the majority of email is send from mobile rather than at my desk.

How will this work best when we are dealing with an email that needs to be captured in Insightly?

This applies to three obvious scenarios: incoming email - I have posted a separate discussion on this - replies to existing emails (threads) and new emails being sent.

  • Can users to use the App (which doesn't seem to deal with email sending).
  • Do they have to put a BCC to the CRM in any email from the native mail client?
  • Can this BCC process be auotmated for outbound emails?

Any insights, suggestions or discussion of how other users are working on this would be appreciated. My main issue is that unless it can be made to go into Insightly automatically, there will be gaps in the emails record. Users will not go back and curate their email to ensure a full record in the CRM.

Many thanks


PS If the options are document please point me to the right place. Have looked through the (excellent and extensive) documentation and this (common?) use case does not seem to be covered.



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  • Hello Nigel,

    Sorry about the delay in our response to your post!

    The best option here since you are using mobile devices like "iPhone & iPad" is to use your Insightly mailbox address to save emails. This will allow you to save emails from your email application to Insightly. Emails that are saved to Insightly are automatically linked to all related contacts and organizations.

    Another option is to use the Insightly Add-On for Gmail. However, this option only works if you have the Gmail app installed on your devices. 

    Let me know if you have any questions. 

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