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Each time I try to find an answer about how something works in your support articles they are overwhelming vague and ultimately useless for troubleshooting. 

For example, I am now trying to configure a dashboard card and I have read everything you have written in your support forum about cards and dashboards and there is no useful guide to how to set up the axis and manipulate the graphs. I think you should try to put more explanations in for how the charts, fields and categories behave and how to set them up. I don't find this intuitive to use at all so some good documentation would save so many frustrations.

My suggestion is that when you get users submitting questions you should consider that it is something that should go into the guide. If I have to ask you the question of how something works I'm very sure there are other confused people out there.



  • I have to agree regarding the support articles. Much of it is more like sales brochures that explain a function but not much on how to use it. For a support model based on self-service, it should be much much better. There is also a whole lot of outdated information that always comes up in the top result when searching. Most recent example was the discontinued GMail sidebar which is replaced with the Add-on. A search on GMail brings up a host of articles/videos re the sidebar with the Add-on articles way at the bottom of the list.

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  • Thank you both for your feedback, Magdalena and Anton!

    We are always looking for ways to improve our knowledge base content so feedback like these are extremely valuable to us. In fact, our entire Help Center will undergo a complete rehaul in the next coming months. We are working hard to improve the overall Help Center experience by making it easier to navigate around the page and find the content you need. We will also work on improving our search functionality to get more relevant results, archiving articles that are no longer relevant, and creating more content that you need.

    Please keep the feedback coming!


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  • Hi Magdalena! I wanted you to be the first to know that we have just published more Dashboard content! Based on your awesome feedback, we now have documentation around dashboard charts and provided a few examples as well. Check them out below and let us know what you think!

    Dashboard: Data Visualization Basics

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