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How can I identify who has 1) who has opened my email, and 2) who has clicked on the link provided.

I see the overall data for my one of my email templates as a percentage of opens and clicks, but I would like to know the actual contact is.

Please advise. Thank you.




  • Hello Ryan,

    Correct you can view email statistics, however, we currently don't have reports to pull emails based on contacts who have clicked on a link within an email template. Insightly's E-mail Template Statistics do not allow you to view who specifically did not receive the e-mails sent at this time, but it will tell you how many of the sent e-mails were delivered. My apologies for this limitation. It is something we hope to include in the future.

    You can also go to E-mails My E-mails Sent > Click on an individual E-mail > and if there is a section called E-mail Events it will show you if they opened the e-mail.

    One thing you may want to check out is our Integrations page. We have a few options with email/marketing like Boomerang can help track email opens.

    I hope that helps for now. 

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  • Does this function still exist?

    I go Emails>My Sent Emails, but can't click into a specific message [to find Email Events]

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