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Change Account Owners email due to termination

The employee who signed up for Insightly as the Account Owner has been terminated. I need to change the email address and login info. However I keep getting errors. I tired the method that was advised on the forum to add a user, designate as an admin, then delete the user I no longer wish to have. This did not work -- instead we were charged for adding a user and STILL unable to delete the original owner. 

This is a huge security issue and I'd appreciate any help you can give me.




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    Hello Chrissy,

    In this Insightly Account do you have other users with admin rights? If you have admin rights you can go to Billing & Account > Account Owner > Change Account Owner. Once you transfer account ownership you'll be able to change the email address for that user. 

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    No, there is no one else on this account. I did try to add a user with admin rights in order to do this however we were immediately charged an additional $35 and I was not given access to change the email address. I have since deleted the other user so we are not charged again. Is there a way to reactivate the user I deleted to try again? I do not want another $35 charge. I'd be happy to provide the account info privately for you to review.


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    Hello Chrissy,

    Thanks for the clarification!

    Yes, you are able to add the user again. If you want to use a previously deleted user's email address in Insightly, you'll need to reactivate that email address. Once you reactivate that email address, please have your new user log in with that account.

    To do this, go to System Settings > Users > click Add New User.

    A new invitation email will be sent to that email address. If the user doesn't receive the email, then please go to System Settings > Users > click the three-dot icon next to the email address > select Show Invitation URL. That way, you can copy and paste the link.

    The user will need to log in with the old password tied to the email address. If they don't know the old password, they will need to reset it by clicking the "Forgot your password?" link (listed on the invitation login page).

    Once they reset their password, please have them click the invitation link again and log in.

    Hope that helps!

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    Its not working. Constantly getting errors. I have tried 6 times to add the email. 

    Last time I added a user and deleted one at the same time I was automatically charged $35 and Insightly has a no refund policy. I can't keep being charged $35 to make a simple change. 

    Oh, and this email address has already be authenticated once, so reactivating it should not be a problem, but . . . 

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    Hello Chrissy,

    Thanks for giving that a try!

    I'd like to continue helping you with this issue to help find a solution. In order to do so, I'll create a ticket to best support you as all I need to ask for the email associated with your Insightly Account. Please keep an eye out for an email from me. 

    Thanks for your patience. 

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