Duplicating contacts while sending out e-mails

Hi all, 

I usually send out emails to contacts through Outlook and I always BCC the Insightly code so that all my emails can be recorded in Insightly. Sometimes though, it happens that the emails are not recorded properly. In fact, Insightly automatically creates a new contact even though there is already one. The email addresses are spelled correctly, so I am not sure why it happens.

Could you please advise? 

Thank you, Ottavia 






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  • Hello Ottavia,

    Sometimes email programs mask the BCC line too well, and Insightly has a hard time determining who the message is for and link it properly. In those cases, adding your Insightly mailbox address to the CC line should work fine

    As well when you save an email to your Insightly mailbox, the system scans for email addresses and domains and automatically links the message to matching contacts and organizations. If Insightly does not find matching records, it will create the contacts and organizations for you.

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