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Hello Insightly,

Hopefully this Request will make it to someone in Management of to Program Engineers:

I simply want to see "repeating" tasks and events to show up on my calendar DAILY so I can see them and plan my schedule accordingly in advance. Google Calendar/Outlook etc. do this, why? Because it only makes sense...that is, to almost everyone else in the business world except for Insightly...

Please enlighten me why Insightly doesn't do this? It makes no sense for Insightly to program the repeating tasks without being able to view them on the calendar daily/weekly/monthly. The current functionality (if you can call it that), prohibits the user from effectively planning their schedules in advance. Why? Because your repeating tasks don't show up on a daily basis IN ADVANCE! When meetings and tasks are planned in advance, it is CRITICAL for users to see each event AND task for each day of the week and month! This enables you to better schedule other events and tasks around those already in place.  Is this not an issue for anyone else other than the business community I work within (consulting/legal/accounting etc.?) for users to know what events and tasks are  ahead of you?  Without being able to see each daily event and task (especially "repeated" events and tasks) on a daily/several days/weekly/monthly basis in ADVANCE makes absolutely no sense! Productively and strategically planning and scheduling your days/weeks/months in advance is not possible with how Insightly currently programs this functionality, and yet its SOOOO simple to fix!   Ever wonder why Google Calendar/Outlook etc. don't program their calendars that way? Because it doesn't work! It's completely illogical. I must be missing something, but if not, then Insightly management and programmers really need to re-think their approach to better empower the users...their clients.

Imagine you apply the same logic to appointments...Unless you complete the appointment for the day, (and assuming that you have the same meetings with clients for the next week on a daily basis), the repeat task/event won't show up on the calendar for the next day/days etc., etc. etc.??? You've gotta be kidding me...That makes absolutely no sense. I come from international consulting firms, and if we proposed using a software solution that operated like that I would get fired, and I'm not kidding. Perhaps I need to look at a different solution where empowering users with practical/visible/strategic planning is both logical and taken seriously...

Thanks for listening, and I'm sad to say that Insightly greatly misses the mark on this simple planning capability, and if it's not fixed quickly, then I have to begin looking for an alternative solution, and let clients know they should do the same. Please accept my apology for being so bold, but this is such poor execution on Insightly's part.

Greatly disappointed.



  • Hello Greg,

    Thanks for your detailed feedback!

    I understand your reasoning here and how this is important to you. 

    I've placed your feedback in our Ideas & Suggestions page to help other users comment and upvote the request. I'd also like to touch on this briefly as I see my colleague provided the reasoning behind this in a ticket you submitted. One of the reasons for this feature is due to "Record Limits". 

    Subscription plans are based on certain Record Limits. Doing an unlimited repeat for Tasks would automatically put you over your record limit. I'd also like to suggest to look into our calendar sync feature. Calendar sync is a feature of our paid plans to sync your Insightly calendar with Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange calendars (including many Outlook installations). 

    I hope that is a workaround for you and again thanks for your feedback. Enjoy your weekend! 


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  • Hello Alejandro,

    Thank you for your feedback.  How do the "Record Limits" actually work?  What records are they specifically?  I believe I looked at this once before, but wasn't quite clear at what constitutes a "record".  To many of us that term means different things.  Your clarification would greatly help. 

    Also, I wouldn't be interested in "unlimited" repeating tasks (that would be pointless).  Perhaps limit the repeats to one year.  That's only 365 calendar entries, and in terms of "data", that is minuscule.  I must be missing something here because nearly every calendaring system I've ever used never has an issue with "record limits" if it is related to calendaring events or tasks.  Again, maybe it's me, but I've never been limited to data such as calendaring  events nor tasks.  The only limit I've run into is with the # of contacts or the # of custom fields...not because they're data intensive, but because that's how providers design it.  Data storage is such a non-event issue.  If it's video or audio data, that's something completely different.  That's not what I'm talking about...I'm talking about simple data...a relational database. 

    Your thoughts and perspectives would be helpful, as I am getting more and more frustrated and disappointed with the limitations of Insightly...


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  • Hello Greg,

    Items that will count toward your record limit include:

    • Contacts
    • Leads
    • Organizations
    • Opportunities
    • Projects
    • Tasks
    • Emails
    • Events
    • Notes
    • Comments
    • Reports
    • Any of the above that are in your Insightly Recycle Bin

    This article helps explain more: Record and storage limits

    I also understand your feedback and reasoning here. The Insightly calendar does not include calendar-application features like shared calendars, meeting invitations, or repeating events. The calendar was not designed to replace your main calendar program. Perhaps in the future, Insightly will improve on this feature. As well it helps that your request is on our Ideas & Suggestions page to help gain traction and possibly be considered for implementation. 

    Enjoy your day and the rest of the week!

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  • Sorry, I just don't believe this is going to get done. I've seen this request a few years back on the insightly boards. But nothing has ever been done about it. It's clearly not important to them or they are not capable of it. 

    I too would love this feature. I get around it by using the "copy details to a new task" button under the "Actions" dropdown menu inside a task. Then I set it for a particular day on the calendar. It takes a little while to schedule a whole year of repeating tasks, but then it's done. 

    Sure would be nice if insightly would develop this feature....

    Other similarly priced apps that are now coming online have it (are you listening, Insightly?)...

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