2019 Q1 Deep Dive Webinar 2/21

Our Q1 release included a lot of exciting new features now available in Insightly. Join our product specialist, Andrea Lodigiani, as she dives deeper into the latest update.

Topics we'll cover:

  • Building Calculated Fields that will make it possible to calculate things like weighted revenue, labor costs, or scheduled date fields. (Enterprise Only)
  • Defining the accurateness of data in your system using Data Validation Rules.  (Enterprise Only)
  • Creating new Dashboard Cards like charts or maps to track top lists and show territory mapping.(Professional and Enterprise)
  • Manage Products, Price Books, and Quotes from within Insightly with a suite of new features. (Enterprise Only)

Save your seat:

Thursday, February 21 at 8 am PST 

Thursday, February 21 at 4 pm PST

If you cannot join the live webinar, register and we will send you a copy of the recording.



  • Hi Kourtney

    I attended the Hero preview last week but not today. When do the new features roll out? You mention "now available" but I don't see them. Is there an official announcement yet?

  • Hey Eric, we are starting to roll it out right now :)

    It's a rolling release so we can't pinpoint exactly when the features will appear in your instance, but they'll eventually will sometime today.

  • I have 10+ [client] instances so I'll keep checking! Awesome!!!!!

  • Hey Dennis, any way to know what plan gets what of the new updates? Pro vs. Enterprise?

  • The Dashboards updates are both for Professional and Enterprise plans.

    Products, Price Books, and Quotes are Enterprise only.

    Calculated Fields and Data Validation Rules are also Enterprise only.

  • Oh wow, calculated fields seems like such a mid range need. Bummer.

    Also Templates, decimals and the Image object are Pro.

    What about the upcoming Add New Object and Return feature? That will be for all I assume?

  • Hi Kourtney, Is the recording of the 2019 Q1 Deep Dive available yet?
    Cheers, Craig

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