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Hi-  I am testing importing.  I have 8 organizations I am importing.  I have built 4 organization fields. A drop down, 2 numeric fields and one text box.  I am finding inconsistent importing on the numeric box:  The other two types are running great.  All of the organizations have numbers in the field, but only the first organization has the import of the numbers completed, the rest are blank in the organization record.  I have formatted the column to be currency.  I Have reformatted the column to number and reimported and I lose all the first one. I redid the formatting and the first one is there again.  ( delete the 9 organizations and reimport again") I than switched the first line to the second line and again the revenue of the "new first" organization is there but none of the others (after deleting the 9 organizations and reimporting).   Please help.



  • More information on this testing.  I resumed and can see the two numeric fields filled out correctly and mapped on the "sample" 1st import record before you start the import.  They are there....but now both fields are not filling at all.


    I have also changed the formatiing to number, text and also to currency in excel...none see to work.  I have also filled out every cell in excel for the 4 companies I am testing, so there is not one piece of missing information.

  • Found a workaround....Insightly needs to still answer the issue.  I deleted the custom fields and reinstalled them as text.  Not sure long term if that will hurt me when sorting and adding these numbers.  But at least they are in there and I can go from there/.  I still would like the numeric fields to work.

  • Hi Peter,

    Using text versus numeric will be an issue for several reasons, two of the biggest loss of benefits being validated data and calculable fields.

    I'd recommend only using no special characters or commas except a decimal point, if your numeric fields allow it, of course. Then convert the file to CSV and import into Insightly. 

    Also, whenever there is an issue with imports after correctly following the guidelines, you can always make a support request or import your data into Insightly via the API. 

    Thank you,

    Micah Feldkamp




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