Recording: Q1 2019 Release Webinar with Insightly CEO

At Insightly, we’re on a mission to help businesses grow revenues faster by building lasting relationship with their customers. We continuously strive to build the best possible CRM by keeping a close eye on the latest technologies, listening to what our customers want and adding a bit of our own secret sauce along the way.

Watch our Q1 2019 Release Webinar featuring our CEO, Anthony Smith.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Accurately define the price of what you sell, every time with Products, Pricebooks and Quotes
  • Build smarter reports using calculated fields and table-based dashboard cards
  • Visually plan and monitor sales teams’ territories with over 30 cartographic dashboard cards


  • We are very unhappy that two of the key features in the latest release are Enterprise-only. We have waited years for the addition of a product catalog of some kind and as a two-person business on your Professional plan that sells products every day, feel we are paying a high enough fee every year to justify access to such a basic everyday feature common to many businesses, not just large enterprises.

    In every other way the enterprise plan would be completely surplus to our needs so we cannot justify upgrading. It seems very unfair that Insightly is releasing key features like this only for their highest-tier customers.

  • Thanks for your feedback, Grace and sorry to hear that you are unhappy that the new features are Enterprise only.

    In a perfect world, we would have all Insightly features available regardless of your plan level. But unfortunately, we had to make a business decision to place Products, Price books, and Quotes at the Enterprise level. That said, Insightly remains to offer more features than our competitors for much less. 

    If we end up opening up the new features to other plan levels down the road, we'll be sure to inform you.

  • Hi, the webinar said in a few weeks that custom fields in tasks would be available. It's almost been a month and our business could really use that feature as soon as possible. Is there an ETA for custom fields in tasks?

  • It's still in development, Michael. Hang tight! We'll give an update HERE so make sure you're following that thread. 

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