Tips for following up with customers?

We are evaluating the best way to keep in touch with our prospects using the Opportunities category.

We want to follow up with the customer every X amount of days until we either close or abandon the sale.

We considered using an activity set that creates tasks, but that is creating a bit of clutter and double work. If a prospect requests a call back on a specific date, we would need to manually edit the due date of each of the tasks which, is burdensome and defeats the purpose of a CRM entirely. The same problem exists if we close a sale.

For example, if we have the following tasks:

+1 DAY send email

+3 DAYS send email

+5 DAYS send email

+7 DAYS send email

+14 DAYS send email

+21 DAYS send email

+30 DAYS send email / abandon

If a prospect responds after day 5 and asks for a call back in a month, now we have to delete 7, 14, 21

My question to the community is: what kind of process do you use for following up with prospects? Any insights would be helpful.

* We can not use workflow automation to send emails to prospect because (1) Insightly doesn't offer HTML email [plain text is just not classy in 2019] and (2) most of the messages we send to our prospects are through other lead generation websites so we really can't use Insightly to automate that process for us.



  • Hello David, 

    Great question. I recommend that you do a combination of adjusting your opportunity pipeline and using workflow automation for your tasks.

    For example, let's assume your opportunity stages are prospecting, call back scheduled, proposal.

    You can create a workflow automations to handle the tasks. Set the workflow to evaluate on every edit. Include in the criteria that your opportunity stage must be at "prospecting".  Add time triggers at 1, 3, 5, 7, 14, 21, 30 days. Then create tasks in those time triggers .

    With this setup, the tasks will appear on the scheduled date as long as the opportunity is in the "prospecting" stage. If the opportunity advances to the "call back scheduled" stage, the later tasks will not be created. 




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  • Hi David,

    1) You can use workflow automation webhook with Zapier and Gmail to get HTML capabilities.

    2) Drip email software like Woodpecker will also send out emails automatically and when the client responds to the email, the software can update you to reply manually and turn off the drip campaign. Piesync will connect Insightly and the drip email software, so your contacts/leads are in sync.

    Thank you,


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  • @Erin Thank you for the suggestion. We're giving workflow automation a try.

    @Micah  #MindBlown - Love the suggestion. For us, though, it's a bit much of an investment. So costly to add Drip and Piesync on top of the cost of Insightly... but perhaps in the future!

    Thanks again, everyone!

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  • You're welcome, David.

    Let me know when you're ready to make the upgrade!


    Micah Feldkamp

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  • David, the key to exiting a workflow is to always identify a condition. Something like a completion status, completion date or as Erin suggested a pipeline stage. If something does not change on the record it is impossible to automatically exit a workflow and you either have to wait for it to play out or manually terminate it as you currently do.

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