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Hi, i've entered a number of records a while back and have turned them into leads. I exported the leads which was showing all the records. A couple of weeks later, i have returned to add more information and the last five records have disappeared. Can you please advise as the information in the datbase is crucial and we can't have these details disappearing. We have since re-added these to the system. Please see list of companies whose records have disappeared below.





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  • Hello J.Cochran,

    Sorry to hear you experienced this. Please keep in mine any user who has access to these records or an admin can remove them from the account. This might have happened accidentally. Insightly, unfortunately, doesn't provide individual backup or data restoration services. However, you have three options to make copies of your Insightly data, and my recommendation is to do so on a regular basis.

    Please note that none of these options are meant as a complete backup, and only serve as an emergency backup in case one of your users unintentionally deletes data.

    • You can export all of your basic records to a CSV file, and basic records include items such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and custom fields. (Please note, it's unfortunately not possible to export files and email.) This is the only option available if you want to re-import your records to Insightly. This article will show you how: Exporting data from Insightly to a CSV file

    • We also offer an XML export in System Settings > Data Export. The exported file is an archival format that requires an additional application or service to read or convert XML data. Please note, however, that this file type cannot be imported to Insightly.

    • If you can code or have access to a developer, you can use our API to create your own integrations with Insightly or for exporting data. Check out our API developers page to learn more.


    Thanks for your understanding. 

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