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Hi! I need assistance changing my account email- please let me know how to do this. Thanks :) 



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  • Hello Lindsey,

    If you have a Non-Google Apps account with Insightly, your account's admins can change a user's e-mail address. We have screenshots in this article, but here are the steps.

    • Log in as an admin
    • Go to the System Settings
    • Users page
    • Select the "3 dots" icon
    • Select 'Change User E-mail Address' option
    • Type the new e-mail address in both fields
    • Save.

    A verification email will be sent to the new email address with a link to log in. Enter the old email address and password. This will log you into Insightly and update the email address in System Settings.

    If you have an Insightly for G Suite account, you can still change your e-mail address, but it requires a few more steps:

    1. Add a New User with the correct e-mail address. Note that this will charge you for the new User.
    2. Delete the User with the incorrect e-mail address and reassign the open records to the new User.
    3. Lastly, be sure that you go to the Billing & Account > Billing Details page and adjust the number of Users on your subscription. Simply deleted the User in step 2 will not reduce your billing. Once you complete this step, your account will be credited automatically, and this credit will be applied on your next invoice date.

    Hope that helps!

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