Error (429) Too Many Request sending bulk emails

I received this error when I sent a bulk email to about 150 leads.   In looking over the email sent list some of the Subject lines are all in RED and some are in BLACK.

How can I tell if that indicates that some were sent or not?   I do not want to resend if they went through successfully.




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  • Hello Jeff,

    Please keep in mind that you can only compose a batch message (email) to 50 records (Contacts & Leads) at a time. To identify emails that were not sent you'll need to select each one and you'll see a message in that email like the one you provided in your screenshot. 

    Also with our SMTP setup, if your email fails to send on the initial attempt, Insightly makes multiple attempts to resend it. Most often, the email will eventually be sent. But sometimes, your email provider won’t send the email, in which case you’ll need to resend that email to that recipient.

    For more information on a flagged email or an issue with delivery to your recipient, I would reach out to your server to see why the email may not have gone through. My apologies for the confusion.


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