Parent/Child Account Hierarchies

Does Insightly possess the capability to apply parent/child relationship hierarchies to Organizations?  We often define and manage customers by groups, often several within a single school.  Each school group is something that is managed as a stand-alone entity, yet they are all within the same school, whereby the school is the 'parent' and each group within the school is a 'child'.  From a reporting an analytics perspective, being able to configure and relate organizations in this way would be a huge benefit, and is something that I have been able to to do with other CRMs.  Thank you.



  • Hello Eric,

    You can link most Insightly records together and manually enter a description of the connection in the Role field. See example below:



    This article helps provide more detailed information with helpful screenshots: How to set up link relationships for contacts and organizations

    Hope that helps!


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  • Alejandro,

    I'm trying to understand this question as well. I'm not sure that manually entering a custom field would be the best fix. Is this type of connection going to roll up into reports etc?  Would need to be able to see the global view of an organization from the Parent level and how the various data points within the children accounts would roll into the parent account.

    Does that make sense?

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