Task Record ID - No Option in Reports

There is no option to extract a Task Record ID in the Task Reports, yet the record ID is required to import and update existing tasks.

Where can I bulk extract Task Record IDs?



  • Hello Seton,

    At this time we do not offer the option to add "Task Record ID" onto your Task report. You'll need to export all your Tasks from the Task tab in your Insightly Account. This will provide you with a report that includes the record id for your Tasks.

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  • I also need the ability to export the Task Report to include the record ID, update, and reimport.  I'm able to export the reports to my email account (but they don't include the Record ID).  But when I Export the Task list itself, I never get the email, even though the confirmation pops up with the right information.  Sadly, I am having to open every single task to update them manually.

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  • Hello Becky,

    Thanks for sharing your feedback!

    In regards to not receiving the export Task list itself. It's possible that the export email may be getting blocked, filtered, or categorized as spam. Here are a few things you can try to allow the email into your inbox:

    1. Check your spam folder. If the message is there, you can usually mark it as "not spam," which will help new messages to get to your inbox.

    2. Add Insightly to your contacts list, as most email programs will allow messages from your contacts to pass through any filters. This is usually the best fix. For most email types, add "Insightly Notifications" as the contact with the email address of For Business Card Scans, add "Insightly Business Cards" as the contact with the e-mail address of

    3. Add our domain names ( and to your approved sender's list (whitelist). This process varies with individual email programs, but if you use Gmail, here's a link to the instructions for managing senders lists.

    If you try the suggestions above, resend the message, and it still doesn't come through, I'd suggest checking in with your email provider and network administrator, as the message is likely being blocked at a higher level. This can sometimes happen due to email system restrictions or when usernames or aliases have been changed. Your email provider will be able to find where the message is being routed and help get you on the right track.

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